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Car Rental in Bikaner

Bikaner, the fabulous desert stronghold founded by Rao Bikaji lies in the northern part of theThar Desert. Undulating and shifting sand dunes of the rugged desertscape open out to a magnificent city of forts, palaces and markets fortified against marauders by seven km long embattlements. Strategically situated and possessed of a steady supply of sweet water, Bikaner became an important caravanserai for the merchants and traders who travelled with their camel trains from West and Central Asia to the kingdoms of East Asia. All this contributed towards making the desert kingdom of Bikaner immensely wealthy.

Bikaner was and is still ruled (in theory) by a dynasty that traced its lineage to the old ruling family of Jodhpur. Its founding father was Roa Bikaji, under whom Bikaner evolved into the city of splendid havelis, forts, palaces and temples that makes it such a popular tourist destination.

Bikaner's ‘unspoiled’ ambience of well preserved medieval splendour is evident everywhere - and can be seen in the imposing Junagarh Fort, the regal Lal Garh Palace and the ancient temple of Karni Devi, the family deity of the Bikaner's royal house. Wildlife sanctuaries, camel farms, desert safaris, colourful bazaars with shops selling crafts as well as Bikaner's famed sweets and savouries and an annual Camel Festival and Fair add their own charm to Bikaner's long list of delights.

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